Mold flow assist processing (Design of Experiments for complex cases)

DF mold use  Moldflow to optimize the mold construction to reduce lead time & cost. we can set up the filling system and cooling system with in moldflow assistance!!

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Understanding how process parameters and design variations impact part production and quality is key when producing high quality tool designs that are easy to run and stable. Design of Experiments is an optimization tool to help engineers understand which design variations produce higher quality outcomes and which processing parameters produce the most stable, highest quality parts. Design of Experiments is easy to set up, requires no prior knowledge or understanding of statistical methods, and provides information to help you make key design decisions to achieve the required outcome.

Design of Experiments (DOE) enables you to determine the processing window that will make a quality part, within user-defined restrictions. DOE is available for all mesh types, molding processes, and analysis sequences.

Using DOE, you can change any boundary condition, such as coolant flow rate, and see the effect on the quality (for example, shrinkage or warpage) of the part. Depending on the results, you could make changes to the model geometry, such as thickness, to see the effect on quality. DOE allows you to set up multiple objectives or quality measures based on results from any analysis sequence. You can specify quality criteria, such as the amount of deflection at a node or distance between nodes. Once the required results have been obtained, you can easily see what process settings were used to produce the required quality. DOE response surface data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for later processing with a statistical analysis application.

Details contact: Jacky Qiu Skype: df mold



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